Our product page is under construction and this season’s flowers are coming into bloom – May 2019)


Please find below a list of our products, serving suggestions and current stock status. 

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Rose Petal Jelly 

Handmade purely with our own homegrown roses (no added essence or oil – its the real thing).

Our rose petal jelly can be used as a jam for example with scones & cream or it goes well with soft fruits such as strawberries. 

It also compliments a creamy cheese or goes well with lamb dishes as a condiment.

You can also add a spoonful to black tea or gin. The taste can be compared to a mild Turkish Delight. 

Standard Jar 220g


Rose Petal Jam

We specifically grow a smaller petalled variety of hedging rose so we can leave the petals in and make this jam. The taste is the same as the jelly but more textured product.

Standard Jar 210g 


Lavender Jelly

Use as a condiment to cheeses such as a goat’s cheese. Works well with roast pork.  

As a sweet jam try with strawberries or on a crumpet. 

Standard Jar 210g


Elderflower Jelly

Use as you would a honey or a marmalade. Some customers use elderflower jelly as a vegan alternative to honey. compliments a mature cheese such as a cheddar or Stilton. Lovely with poached apples or pears or in a crumble and can be used as a cake filling.

Standard jar 210g

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Gift Bag of 3 Jars

Hessian bag with a ribbon and tag containing 3 x 210g jars.

1 x Rose Petal Jelly, 1x Elderflower Jelly, 1 x Lavender Jelly

Wedding Favours

Wedding Favours

Mini Jar sets of 2 or 3 mini jars of floral jellies of your choice – wrapped and sealed with a ribbon and decorative dried edible flowers.

Minimum order applies but get in touch with what you’d like and we’ll see what we can do. 

Choice of 2 or 3 x 25g mini jars


Chive Flower & Nasturtium Vinegar


Lemon Scented Pelargonium & Calendula Vinegar


Rose Petal Syrup


Lavender Syrup


Elderflower Syrup

Garden Flower & Nettle Seasoning


Lemon Verbena, Elderflower & Calendula Seasoning