About us & our garden


Kitchen Flowers began in 2013  and combined a love of gardening with food and a search for the “Good Life”.

We grow the majority of our flowers used in our products in our own half acre gardens on the foothills of Plump Hill in the Forest of Dean.

We now have established permanent roses hedges with annual beds of, for example, calendula and nasturtium that are surrounded by perennials of chive flowers and rows of  lavender hedging.

We never harvest all our flowers at the same time so as not to deplete food sources for the local bees etc. Non-edible flowers are also grown to help maintain wildlife populations and the balance.

No pesticides are used in our gardens and we only use fertilizer and feeds from our own composts etc,  we admit we do have a little help from our pet alpacas.

All of our products are suitable for Vegans and we use Fairtrade sugar.



We grow 2 varieties of lavender. One for the vibrant purple colour and the other as it yields a plentiful supply of flowers. It is used in our Lavender Jelly and Syrup. We also use it in our Garden Flower Seasoning.


  • IMG_0199
  • goast cheese and lavender jelly
  • lavender harvest


Roses are the main theme in the Gardens.

After a lot of experimentation we settled on two main repeat flowering hedging rose varieties – one used for the Rose Petal Jelly and the other for the Rose Petal Jam ( same taste as the jelly but for those that like “bits” we leave the petals in the jam)

  • Rose Basket
  • IMG_0222
  • Honeysuckle Arch